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Tuesday Tip: Sticking to Your Event Budget

We think you'll party even harder at your reception if you knew that at the end of such a magical night you managed to stay in or under budget!

Your wedding budget should follow this formula:

48 - 50% of total budget to reception

10 - 12% for photo/video

8 - 10% for flowers

8 - 10% for attire

8 - 10% for entertainment/music

2 - 3% for invites

2 - 3% for gifts

8% for miscellaneous items like a wedding coordinator.

Don't forget the surprises! You'll thank us later if you pad an extra 5 to 10 percent in the budget for surprises. This will cover those things that are difficult to plan for like printing extra invites because of mistakes or buying umbrellas when mother nature decides she'll possibly crash your party!

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