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The Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Months

You have your soulmate! The ring is glistening perfectly on the wedding finger, and now everyone and I do mean EVERYONE is forcing you from your love bubble only to harass you about setting a wedding date. Congratulations and welcome to the first of many big decisions you'll make over your wedding planning journey.

When considering dates for your big day, there are pros and cons to deciding to say "I Do" in one of the most popular wedding months. The difference of just 30 days could save you hundreds of dollars, lessen the likelihood of having to switch to a rain plan and even ensure your guests have better travel or hotel accommodations. Spring is the 3rd most popular season for weddings. Summer comes in second and Fall leads the pack as the most popular season for nuptials.

Photography: Melissa Piontkowski Photography
Melissa Piontkowski Photography

Here's the breakdown of popular months:

#5- August

According to WeddingWire, 10% of couples tie the knot in August, making it the fifth most popular wedding month. It's a popular time for vacations, which gives your guests more freedom to travel. However keep in mind that August is one of the year's hottest months. It also marks the beginning of the peak of hurricane season on the East Coast.

#4- May

Who doesn't love the natural romance spring seems to inspire! May is the wedding choice for 11% of couples. The weather is mild for outdoor ceremonies and spring flowers are in bloom (possibly saving you money on outdoor decor). However, be warned that May also begins "peak wedding season," which runs until October. Vendors and venues often have a higher rate and book more quickly during this time.

#3- June

Summer is all about fun and relaxation. It makes sense for June to be the most popular wedding month for 12% of wedding couples. The temperature is much milder than July and August, putting outdoor venues in high demand!


WeddingWire estimates that nearly 40% of couples chose to marry in the fall. September is the 2nd most popular, with 15% deciding to tie the knot then. You USUALLY get the fall feeling without much of the summer warmth-- unless mother nature fails to cooperate like THIS YEAR! Kristen Brown, owner of Vintage Soul Floral Design, predicts November will eventually steal some of September's shine. "No one wants to wear layers of fancy clothes and sweat through them,"Brown says.