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2019 Wedding Trends

Arches & Walls

2019 wedding trends are filled with symbolic gestures. Flower arches represent the newlyweds’ entrance and first steps in their new life as one.  They’re perfect for couples looking for the perfect touch to symbolize their well-being and happiness. Meantime,the organic backdrop will summarize the event in just one picture.  Look for designated spaces in corners or on walls for unique picture opportunities. A background that’s tied into the theme is the perfect way to entertain guests during cocktail hour.

Chic Velvet

2019 wedding trends also will make minimalists rejoice!  Look for chic velvet to set a warm, cozy yet romantic atmosphere at ceremonies or receptions. Velvet runners can add a vintage flair to standard linen, while velvet curtains jazz up an event space. Complementary velvety hues also give the bridal party a picture-worthy statement.

Neon Lights

The 2019 Wedding trends are guaranteed to make a statement and bring the wow factor.  Look for neon lights in backdrops and other decor focal points. Everything that happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay there!

Pastel Decor & Desserts

2019 Wedding trends combine soft and natural colors in florals, as well as non-traditional desserts.  Think dusty pink and pale lilac.

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