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Grooms Hang Up The Traditional Tuxedo with Alton Lane

The black tuxedo, invented in the late 1800s, was once the staple for grooms and groomsmen. Yes, a sleek black tux is and will always be a classic. However, for a growing number of young professionals the bar is set much higher. The menswear trend continues to shift more to bolder colors and personalized touches. Alton Lane is ahead of that shift and is leading the charge in Charlotte and around the nation with its bespoke designs. It's delivering an affordable and attractive option to the modern groom looking to bring individuality and personality into their ties, jacket linings, winks in the collars and even shoes!

The Charlotte showroom is nestled inside of Atherton Mill in South End. It's basically a man cave for the guy who doesn't like to shop but still wants to impress in unique designs tailored to his body. There's a poker lounge, ESPN and adult beverages on deck to alleviate the intimidation and the boredom that often accompanies shopping . The Alton Lane experience is designed for bonding for the fellas, much like the ceremonial trip brides take to the bridal boutique with their I Do Crew.

The company's founders pride themselves in taking the menswear industry and turning it on its head. They partner directly with some of the most renowned mills in the world, giving customers the ability to choose from an extensive selection of luxury fabrics that can’t be found anywhere else.

The Alton Lane brand is further set a part from rental shops in its precise measurements. Customers step into a 3D scanner for 30 seconds to get 300 separate measurements. Nick Haynes, The Business Development Director at Alton Lane, attests to the scanners' precision by pointing out its ability to pick up as something as small as shoulder slope suffered in a sport's injury. All the data collected is the recipe for a one of kind tailored suit.

The custom designs take 4 to 6 weeks to complete and then the client is invited back for a personal fitting. Alton Lane boasts a clientele that includes professional athletes, executives and musicians. Each of them are seen on appointment only basis which is designed to guarantee undivided attention and laser focused service. The showroom is worth a trip to South End to see. Be sure to chat with Nick and Chris and have them help you experience the difference of their bespoke designs.

"Alton Lane combines the intimate, Scotch-fueled experience of a gentleman's club with modern day tailoring and manufacturing technologies, to offer up custom suits at a variety of styles and price points, for generally half of what the equivalent off-the-rack suit would run.--American Express"


Alton Lane

2000 South Blvd #440

Charlotte, NC 28203

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