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Do's and Don'ts of Engagement Parties

The love of your life popped the question and you said yes! Now it's time to let your friends and family celebrate the beginning of this next chapter in your life with you. A fun and festive way to share your excitement and spread the wonderful news about your upcoming nuptials is with an engagement party. If you're not sure how to create a memorable moment, don't worry! We have you covered with the do's and don'ts of partying in style and stress-free.

Who Hosts?

As soon as your loved ones hear about your engagement, you'll be bombarded with calls and texts. Everyone in their own way wants to congratulate you and try to get a little Intel about what's next for the love birds! An engagement party is one stop shop- a place to celebrate with those closest to you and introduce your extended families if they have not met. Traditionally, the bride's parents host the engagement party. However, if you can't decide on one host or multiple friends or family members would like to do the honor, it's socially acceptable to have more than one engagement party. You could have one that's just family and a separate one with your friends. Having multiple engagement parties may also be a great option if you live in a different city than your parents. There are also no set rules against you hosting your own engagement party.

How to Set The Tone

Here's where you can let your creativity shine! Start visualizing an engagement party that reflects your style and is true to your love story. You could have an elegant soiree, create a roaring 20's speakeasy, or down your favorite craft beers around food trucks. The engagement party can be as formal or as casual as you like as long as you are respectful of the host's budget.

Who Should You Invite?

Try your best to match the guest list of your engagement party to your wedding. Everyone you invite to your engagement party should be invited to your wedding. Think about your immediate family members, close extended family, and close circle of friends. Definitely make sure to invite those who you’ll ask to be in your wedding party.

Should You Expect Gifts?

It’s not customary to give a gift at an engagement party. If you want, ask your host to make a polite note in the invitation–no gifts, please! However, some guests may still want to bring engagement party gifts. It can be smart to start your registry with a few low to mid range items, add it to your wedding website, and include your wedding website in your engagement party invite. You may want to get a hostess gift yourself to show your host how much you appreciate them and thank them for throwing you such an amazing engagement party. Even if you choose not to give a hostess gift, you can write them a thoughtful thank you note to show your gratitude.

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