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2021 Wedding Trends to Watch

2021 Wedding Trends
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2021 Wedding Trends are creatively sending the message "the show must go on". With so many couples rescheduling to after the new year, 2021 wedding trends are couples' answers to the curve balls COVID-19 have thrown their way. Read on to see DNA Affairs' top 4 wedding trends to make your wedding guests feel not only welcome but safe.

Welcome Boxes

With some weddings being downsized to more intimate numbers, you will see more guest-centered details, starting from welcome to send-off kits.

Welcome Boxes are the sleeker and more modern version of the welcome bag. It is simply a way to house all of your event necessities, including personalized hand sanitizers, masks, programs and wedding favors in one place, Warm notes from the heart or a thank you note are also a good add. Don't forget a treat!

2021 Wedding Trends: Welcome Boxes
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Weekday Weddings

When a vendor tells you to book your date ASAP, don't feel as if they're just trying to use a pushy sales tactic! With all of the wedding postponements, COVID-19 blew a hole into many schedules in the last few months. It is reasonable to assume many of your favorite vendors are going into engagement season with many of the prime 2021 dates already booked. Previous clients rescheduled to those dates this past spring. As a result, Weekday Weddings will be the totally new normal in 2021. Many DNA Affairs' couples have seleced Mondays and Thursdays, hoping to create a longer weekend for guests. The change to a weekday wedding may have been born out of necessity, but it may free up money in your budget. Hosting a wedding on a non-peak day of the week typically saves on the cost of the venue.

One-on-One Attention

Waiting in line or clustered together, whether to order at the bar, grab a slice of cake or a favor, or find an escort card, has been a mainstay of weddings pretty much forever. However, with social distancing now firmly ingrained in our culture, we’ll see a decline in these “crowding moments” in favor of more personalized service. Examples include bento boxes of hors d’oeuvres or individual charcuterie boards to replace crowding around a server or food station, servers taking drink orders at tables, and a rise in plated meals.Not only does this personalized service make for a more luxe-feeling experience, it’s also a solid safety measure.  

2021 Wedding Trends
Adult Carpi Suns

Nod to Nostalgia

One of our favorite 2021 wedding trends is an emphasis on nostalgia, whether it’s looking back on couples’ parents’ generation or to their own childhoods. According to WeddingWire, a mod aesthetic inspired by the 1960s and 1970s is coming back in a big way, from color schemes to attire. Couples are also continuing to look back on their 90's with throwbacks like adult Capri-Suns, Pop Tarts and Dunkaroos! We are so here for this!!!!!!

We'll add more trends as we come across them in our planning for 2021. Be sure you sign up to be a VIP to be the first to know about our updates and special promotions. In the meantime, happy planning.

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