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2020 Wedding Trends to Know

2020 is going to be lit! Bold pops of color, dazzling light displays and tons of guest interaction--brides and grooms are ringing in a new decade on their own terms. All of the top wedding trends in 2020 center around one key idea---PERSONALIZATION. How do you make your wedding unique to your relationship and not a carbon copy of your sister's, cousin's or best friend's?! Relax, we're here to help you make your 2020 wedding a true memorable moment.

Creative Cuisine

Food is definitely IN! Think about ways to showcase your culture, experiences or even the location of your wedding in the menu. Interactive food stations will also be a big hit in the new year. Your guest could make tacos, ice cream cones or even enjoy a mini wine tasting. Lily Jade Entertainment is wowing guests in the Carolinas with a hoop champagne skirt, aerial lollipop and mesmerizing characters. Mobile bars are also elevating the wedding day experience for guests. Bubbles & Brews Charlotte is leading the pack, serving alcohol from 7 different taps. 2020 couples are striving for inclusiveness, spotlighting mocktails for guest who do not drink and specially crafting menu options for guests with dietary restrictions or food allergies.


The elevated experiences and entertainment trend is designed to alleviate any waiting or dull moments during cocktail hour and beyond. From bounce houses, cigar bars, all the way to tarot card readers, couples are looking for new ways to keep guests entertained and interacting with each other.


2020 weddings will strive to be environmental friendly and look for ways to give back. Biodegradable napkins, straws and invitations are one way to go. However, other couples will go a step further and commit to using only locally sourced food at their reception. Re-purposing florals from the ceremony at the reception is another way to be eco-conscious. Brides are also considering charities or non-profits that can use the florals after the wedding. Additionally couples can entertain the option of forgoing party favors (which are often wasted) and make a charitable donation in each guests' honor.


Color blocking will add a bold pop in color in 2020 weddings, especially in florals, bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen attire. The Pantone Color Institute predicts the hottest colors for wedding season will be neo mint and cassis, (a dark grayish purple). Yellow and a faded denim blue will also rank very high. For the guys, black is once again taking a backseat to blue. Cobalt, navy and teal jackets are all the rage for tuxes and suits.


The 90's babies are getting married, and they are all for the throwbacks! Remember Lisa Frank? The neon and holographic decor is popping up on invites, backdrops, personalized signs and bar signage.


Geometric shapes are still incredibly popular. The twist for 2020 is to combine geometric lighting with hanging florals, creating a head turning focal point.

You don't have to elope at the courthouse to keep your wedding intimate or to avoid throwing an extravagant reception. Micro Wedding is the answer a growing number of couples have been looking for--keeping ceremonies small, simple and far from a small fortune!

Barrettes & Combs

A veil will never be out of style. However barrettes and combs are now a top bridal hair accessory. Whether you love pearls, rhinestones or bold pops of colors, these statement pieces are an easy way to create a second style for your wedding reception.

Cheese and MORE CHEESE

Lux charcuterie boards serve a dual purpose as a visually appealing display and tasty nibbles for your guests—a complete win-win situation!

No matter what theme you end up selecting for your wedding, Be creative and have fun! It's your day, and you deserve the BEST.

Happy Planning.

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