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2019 Wedding Trends

Arches & Walls 2019 wedding trends are filled with symbolic gestures. Flower arches represent the newlyweds’ entrance and first steps in their new life as one.  They’re perfect for couples looking for the perfect touch to symbolize their well-being and happiness. Meantime,the organic backdrop will summarize the event in just one picture.  Look for designated spaces in corners or on walls for unique picture opportunities. A background that’s tied into the theme is the perfect

Ooh, Baby Baby, Baby: How to Plan A Baby Shower

The Event Planners at DNA Affairs are sharing our party-planning basics to help you ensure that a baby shower is a memorable moment. It no longer means stocking up on clothespins for the “Can’t Say Baby” game or buying a bunch of nuts or those dinner mints that no one really likes! Baby showers have taken on a life of their own and often rival wedding receptions with their scope of detail and decor. The role of baby shower hostess has also evolved and can include pretty much

Google Photos Capture Memorable Moments

You have the pictures to prove that  you looked flawless and that everyone enjoyed the food while dancing the night away! The best part about throwing an event these days is that you don’t have to wait months for you photographer to deliver professional photos. Thanks to smartphones almost everyone can be a photographer. Google is  even joining in on the action with its Google Photos App in iTunes or the Google Play Store. We must admit that it can be tricky getting hold of a