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Two Planners for The Price of One

DeQuita and Amelia, the D and A in DNA Affairs, believe all work and no play is the foundation for a BORING event. As a result, they rise to the occasion so you can actually be the life of your own party and enjoy yourself.  They're the foundation you need for any memorable moment. They bring you the best price, their positivity and

their passion. DeQuita and Amelia are southern belles and bring grace, elegance and flair to your party.  They’re  business savvy and well versed on social graces.   Just like sweet tea with a slice of lemon, they sweeten your event with personal touches and spice it up with their creativity. They’re second generation event planners and have more than 10 years of experience in “getting the party started”. You can count on DNA to be cool under pressure, negotiate like bull dogs (don’t let the pretty faces fool you. )DNA is also sticklers on time and seconds matter when it comes to keeping your event on schedule.

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DeQuita White

Owner / Planner

DeQuita brings a creative flair that will be the cornerstone of your event.  For nearly 15 years she’s worked as an interior designer and event planner in the Charlotte area. She has a degree in interior design and brings nearly 10 years of project management expertise to the table. She’s worked with diverse clients and vendors to achieve great results and comes highly recommended. Whether you have 50 boards on Pinterest or don’t know where to start, DeQuita leads our design team from start to finish in making your event unique, on time and a standout from all the rest.  You can trust her eye for style.  When she’s not making dreams come true, DeQuita designs her own jewelry line. Several of our brides have chosen to wear her pieces on their big day.


Amelia Henderson

Owner / Planner

Amelia is the queen of deadlines, organization and communication.  She’s the foundation of your affair with 10 plus years in project management, set design and multimedia.  We like to call her Lady A because she brings eloquence, grace and a splash of spontaneous fun to events. With keen attention to detail, she keeps your event on schedule during the planning phase and execution.  Amelia is an award winning television producer, having orchestrated events for local and national broadcasts. She’s mastered the art of focusing on the task at hand, multitasking and networking.  Amelia is the picture of composure and will keep you calm, keeping you from stressing out or becoming a runaway bride!

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